Telegram of condolence

To United States Embassy in Kosovo,
Telegram of condolence
From civil society organizations in Gjakova
Dear representatives of US Embassy in the Republic of Kosovo,
With pain we received the news of the loss of Former United States Secretary of State Mrs Albright, a strong and unyielding woman when it came to security, peace and dignity of the people in the world, and especially the Kosovo people. Madeleine Albright passed away on March 23, leaving behind a valuable political experience as the first woman in the role of US Secretary of State who developed every diplomatic struggle to free our country from nationalistic and criminal claws of Serbian Government during the war in Kosovo.
To speak of a personality of such dimensions and high civic values, especially human ones, would be deficient in our history as people, if Mrs. Albright’s contribution and unstoppable commitment to the people of Kosovo would not be passed down for centuries to the generations we will leave behind, and serve them as a model of an excellent personality and a guide to their overall development in life.
We shall always remain grateful for her contribution at a time when we needed the most, and feel privileged for knowing Madam Albright and having her as part of the history of peace building and democracy in our country.
Therefore, today, together with all the people of Kosovo, we share this loss together with you and all the American people, this loss which as always we will turn into triumph and unstoppable journey towards peace and prosperity for all people in the world, same as she would do.
Civil society of Gjakova expresses deep condolences to her family and the American Government, who will undoubtedly remember her with respect and pride as a strong and courageous woman in her fight for the protection of human rights and the spirit of democracy throughout the world.
May her soul rest in peace !
Gjakovë, 24.03.2022